From Zero to Hero: A Guide to Building a Small Account

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Everybody has to start somewhere. It takes years of blood, sweat, and tears for most traders to start to "get it" – that's the inflection point where a trader goes from blowing up to consistency.

Well, what if you could get into the mind of and see what a seasoned veteran does from day 1, trying to build a small trading account? Well, that's exactly what Jason Bond is doing this year.

On the back of last year's incredible Wall Street Bookie launch, this year, Jason is starting a small account journey.

Small-sized trades, all fully transparent and communicated to members before he makes any moves.

His goal?  It's simple – to see how far he can take his initial $2000 deposit.

Jason has a backtested strategy, do you? He's already seen the results from last year, he understands the risk and reward potential here. 

And while the market is always changing, Jason is ready to show YOU how it's possible to increase the probability of trade setups.

One simple decision can help improve your ability to spot those winning options trades.That decision is going from buying options, to selling them, like the smart money does.

Here's how Jason began Wall Street Bookie last year:

Wall st bookie trade results

47 out of 50 green trades!!! Try doing that by just buying stocks.  I think it would be nearly impossible. 

Now Jason started his small account journey just a few weeks ago. He's being very selective in his trades, waiting for the best possible setups with multiple checks in his favor. 

Maybe best of all – every trade is alerted directly to your smartphone device whenever a trade is opened or closed. 

Here's how the journey is going so far:

That's right, prior to February, Jason was 3/3 turning his $2k starting capital to over $4k. Two more trades this week in META and NFLX have seen him grow the account to almost $5k and an overall 145% return.

Here was his META trade:

And here was the alert on the NFLX trade he closed out just yesterday:

So Jason is 5-for-5 to start the journey. Remember, Jason went 47/50 last year. That is the power of going from options buyer to options seller.

Selling options spreads is designed to have an increased win rate at the expense of huge moves...but I also want to be clear, the market never has a guarantee (and he certainly will end up making some losing trades). But Jason can definitely show you the way he thinks may tilt the odds of your trades!

So if you want to get years of professional experience to guide you in your trading journey, there's no better place to be than Jason's $2000 Small Account Journey

Or you can go back to fending for yourself minus a decade of experience.

Once you're a member, you'll receive:

Weekly Live Trading Sessions

These sessions allow you to see strategies in action and receive additional market analysis directly from Jason.

Trade Alerts

The market waits for no one. You'll be sent trade alerts directly to your smartphone device whenever a trade is opened or closed.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

During these Q&A sessions, you'll have the unique opportunity to get your trading questions answered in real-time.

Updated Trade Spreadsheet

Stay on top of what trades are open and closed, so you never miss a beat.

Here's what Jason's students are saying:

The "Journey" is just getting started.  Will you watch it from the sidelines, or get a front row seat?

The discounted inaugural pricing ends on Thursday night. 

Do not miss out on the opportunity to join Jason for this incredible learning adventure.


Jeff Bishop

RagingBull, LLC
62 Calef Hwy. #233, Lee, NH 03861

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