How to make $440 in an hour

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Imagine sitting on your couch in your PJs, eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, and making $440 in less than an hour.

And the only "work" you had to do was open your laptop and place a single trade in the stock market.

That's what happened to traders who use Tim Bohen's proprietary software.

Let me show you…

At 9:44 AM recently, Tim's software alerted traders about the ticker symbol $VERU.

In less than an hour, it shot up 44%.

$1,000 could have turned into $1,440.

$5,000 could have turned into $7,200.

$10,000 could have turned into $14,400.

In less than an hour.

No fancy suit or tie necessary. No gas guzzling 1 hour commute to work. No blood, sweat, OR tears.

Tim's software alerts traders to trades just like that every morning, sometimes before the stock market even opens.

So while everyone else has got their ears glued to the TV waiting for "mainstream" stock picks after they've already shot up…

You could be in the know about stock launches before they shoot up.

All while in your PJs. Yeah, this is real. Hundreds of people are already using Tim's trading system.

If you're interested in joining them, click here.




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