Last Day: Insider Trades for $1 (It’s Legal)

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Which Insiders Are Most Worth Following?

Zacks Member,

Today marks your deadline to enter our private world of insider trading (the legal kind).

Many of our members don't realize that it costs only $1 to follow our best insider picks for 30 days, without a cent of further obligation.

Now, I can't pass along nonpublic, material information about a stock even if I knew it.

But, what I can give you, is a tight selection of the most promising trades where CEOs, CFOs, Chief Counsels, Directors and the like are pouring their own personal funds into their own stocks.

As legendary investor Peter Lynch puts it, "there's no better tip-off to the probable success of a stock."

A handful of these key officers are worth following ASAP. They're privy to confidential insights like expected contracts, product breakthroughs, planned mergers, and brewing acquisitions.

Because of their "unfair advantage," insiders must report their trades to the SEC within 48 hours. Then we can make our moves.

Until tonight, I invite you to watch our Insider Trader buys and sells in real time for 30 days.

This could lead you to quick, substantial profits. Even during bearish 2022, I closed 11 double-digit gains, such as +19.5%, +22.9%, +32.8%, and +56.9%, in a matter of weeks.¹ But, to get these kinds of gains, we had to ask:

Who's buying?
How much money are they putting in?
Have they bought shares before?
Do they already get shares with their compensation, yet are still buying more?
Are we seeing "Cluster Buys"? (When many officers jump in it's the strongest insider signal.)

Most importantly, we apply Zacks formulas to pinpoint the insider trades with the best market-beating potential.

No need to hesitate. Remember, your total cost for 30-day access is only $1. And not a cent of further obligation.

Don't wait. Our Insider Trader portfolio is usually closed to new investors, and is open to you only briefly. The deadline to get started is Sunday, February 26. Sorry, no extensions.

All the Best,

Tracey Ryniec - signature
Tracey Ryniec
Insider Stocks Strategist

P.S. Bonus Special Report: Another reason why you should look into our insider picks now, is that you'll also get our new report, 5 Stocks Set to Double, for free. It reveals 5 stocks that our experts predict could grow +100% or more in the next year. This report has given investors a chance at +175.9, +498.3%, even +673.0% gains.¹ See its new stock picks now »

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