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"If this 3,930 SPX level does not hold, I'll be out of long trades."

Nathan Bear, Lead Technical Tactician, Monument Traders Alliance

I'm staying patient this week.

The SPX is retesting the breakout levels we saw at the beginning of 2023.

I have plans for multiple scenarios in today's video.

Plus, I've got two trade setups on tickers that I'm looking for quick down moves on.

You won't want to miss this one.

Click the image below to watch.

An SPX Retest + 2 Trade Setups

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We have a recent earnings winner in Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA). It's consolidating near the highs of its range, and I expect that it will go higher. But I'm looking for NVDA to dip at some point this week... and I'd love the chance to buy that dip. I'll go with next week's $235 calls if NVDA can dip down to around $230-$232, and I'll look for the price to break over the post-earnings high and head perhaps toward the $250 level.

Nvidia Company Chart

(Click to enlarge)

The second trade that I'm looking at is in Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA), another recent earnings winner. I like the 130-minute chart in TSLA. I'd like to buy an intraday fall, ideally on a break under $200, and I'll look for TSLA to take out $220 and head higher. I'll stop on a close under $190. If I can be patient and wait for the dip into the mid-$190s, that will improve my risk/reward. Note that we have only one red dot so far for our squeeze, so this trade is just starting to develop. I can be patient and wait for my spot.

Tesla Company Chart

(Click to enlarge)

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"10 contracts in [DIA] at $3.25, out at $4.10. nice 26% profit [in less than one trading day]... tks Bryan"
- Michemabelle

"In [TSLA puts] at $0.90 out at $0.65 38% gain [in 42 trading days] - Thanks Karim"
- MargeCT



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