Musk, Dalio and Cuban Are Loading Up on this One Coin

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Dear Reader,
Mark Cuban proclaimed this coin “will dwarf bitcoin.” 
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin said it’s “superior to bitcoin and will eventually replace it.” 
And Elon Musk made sure it was one of the only three coins he owns.  
It’s called the Next Gen Coin...
And the financial elite say it could be 20X bigger than bitcoin.
That’s because, as this presentation explains, this coin has the ability to “power the rails of global finance” … a $100 trillion industry.
Yet 99% of Americans don’t even know this coin exists. 
But that’s about to change (for you).
As you’ll see in this special interview, crypto expert Ian King reveals full details on this coin … and why you should invest before the upgrade date. 
Sarah Williams
Associate Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing
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