Systematic Options Trading Will Reign Supreme in 2023

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Dear Trader,

Is a stock going up or down??

There are many ways to answer that question - trend lines, candlestick patterns, volume profile, moving averages, Fibonacci, oscillators, support and resistance, point and figure charts, Ichimoku, Gann, artificial intelligence, astrology …

I can go on and on …

But have you ever "fact-checked" those strategies? 

For example, back in July several sources were convinced that Dollar Tree (DLTR) is strong and bullish that quarter:

- Investment Bank Analyst went on TV to talk up the stock
- Technical analysis indicators were bullish
- AI software was also pointing up …

However, when "fact-checking" the stock, it turns out that between July 23 and August 31, DLTR has gone DOWN on average 3.09% each year, 9 of the past 10 years during this time frame.

So instead of buying the stock, using a bearish options strategy to leverage DLTR yielded well over 100%+ ROI. 

During this week's FREE Masterclass, Matt Choi, CMT will demo how to "fact-check" stocks like Dollar Tree (DLTR).

Matt will also demo an options strategy that is best suited for these stocks.

This is a must-have for options traders who are looking for aggressive returns.

Tap here to sign up for the Masterclass (no cost this week)

See you then!


* Trading involves financial risk and is not suitable for all investors. Past results do not guarantee future performance.


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