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Hey Trader,

When you think of a "finance guru", you probably think of some snobby rich guy in a velvet suit driving an Italian sports car to his private jet…

He skips up the airstair, then turns to the camera and says, "I'm just like you."


Now, I never loved the term "guru," but I'll concede I fall into that category.

And I know you see me driving around in my McLaren, traveling the world, and only working for an hour each day.

The difference is, I'm well aware that most people don't live like this. And I don't pretend they do.

Let's face it… if they did, you'd have no reason to listen to me.

But the fact is, even the best traders have bad days…

I had one today, as the GOOG calls I bought have me down over $1,200 as I write this.

But as we all know, they can't all be winners.

And I'm all about transparency here…

When I have winners, you can be damn sure I'll shout about them.

But I'm not immune to losers, and neither are some of my official signals…

ABBV, GME, HTZ, KDP… Just a few of the losing trades I've recommended so far this year.

Sure, the winners outweigh the losers by far, considering I have a 75% win rate so far in 2023…

But I really hate sending losing signals to my subscribers because I never want people to lose money.

If I lose on a trade, I can take it. But when my members do, it hurts me.

Like in this message from Taylor today:

Damn, that's brutal at first glance… But take a look at the rest of Taylor's comments:


That's right… Taylor is up $41,000 so far this year… and it is only February!

If your goal is to hit $500,000 this year, I'm gonna do everything I can to make that happen!

So yeah, losing money on trades is inevitable.

But like I always say, it's all about winning more on your winners than you lose on your losers.

Taylor is a testament to that.

Great trading!

If your trading account is down right now, you're not alone.

Just know that you shouldn't give up… All it takes is a few great trades to turn your portfolio around.

And I'm determined to keep finding those trades.

In the scanners we trust.

Let's keep building wealth, people.


Andrew Keene

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