Tiny stock scoops up 9 government contracts

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Recession Starts Now

Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Dear Reader,

I'm sure you're sick of it - the unbearable pain at the gas pump.

I know I am.

But through my colleague Nomi Prins, I've discovered Washington is now in desperation mode to fix this. As a former Goldman Sachs executive, she has connections in D.C. that keep her in the know.

She's seen the documents... and discovered they're spending over half a trillion dollars... for a nationwide rollout of 500,000 newer, more efficient fueling stations.

That's 10,000 of these new stations averaged out per state. A massive undertaking.

The White House called it a "once in a generation investment."

And that's not all.

Nomi's shown me how these new fueling station stocks are actually outperforming the Big Oil stocks.

Some of them have doubled investors' money in just a month's time... others have made investors gains of 10x-over 1,000%!

Alt text
Alt text

As a favor to me, she's agreed to give you the details on her #1 stock in this sector. 

Currently, it sells for less than $20 per share... so I hope you write down what you hear.

Get the details here.


Maria Bonaventura
Senior Managing Editor, Rogue Economics

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