Trader, Inflation, Interest Rate Spike, Gas Prices, War!

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And there's no denying it.

These sure are tricky financial times to navigate my friends, but today I've got a North Star you can follow…


In the form of a no-charge gift I've got waiting for you here.


And yes you can even do this in a small account.  I've showed this to people like Pat who wrote me:


My name is Pat Ryan, from Perth, Western Australia.


Current Theotrade long term member and doing the Ultima strategy (Tastyworks acct starting at $12k, now currently at $16k).


Just want to say thank you for your guidance and sharing your knowledge in the way you do.


Pat is up 25% while in the same time period the NASDAQ is down 25%!  Look, if an Aussie can do this anyone can.  ;-) 


You can also do this in a larger account.  Brad Rapp says:


I've been following the ultima strategy and have turned $75k into $87k so far. 


This is not pie in the sky.  These are real results, generating slow and steady consistent returns.  


You need to check this out...My special report just got released:

This gift offers you deep, penetrating, and surprising insight into a unique and simple money-getting strategy I've used to generate consistent 50% returns like this… 


And here's two more winners closed!




This is a small sample because since January 2021 I've closed 275 winners out of 281 Ultima Trades.  What can it do for you? 

Find out when you claim your free gift now.
Warm Regards,
Don Kaufman
Chief Market Strategist
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