US Beats China & Russia on Rare Green-Metals Discovery: US$2 Stock Set-to-Soar

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With markets in disarray and inflation remaining stubbornly high…

With markets in disarray and inflation remaining stubbornly high…

Smart investors are turning to the global mining sector — and particularly the small-cap exploration stocks that are stepping up to procure the key metals needed in the green-energy revolution.

A big focus is on the Platinum Group Metals — or PGMs — that are fueling the global rise in electric vehicles (EVs).

Here's one little-known company — trading undiscovered around US$2 per share — that's developing one of the best PGM+gold projects on the entire planet.

It's a very fast-moving situation.

In fact, the company already has a confirmed PGM resource on their giant property — to the tune of some 5.7 million ounces — and they have 4 drill-rigs spinning RIGHT NOW to find even more.

It's all in the FREE report you can get here.

Best of all, the PGM commodity-mix this small-cap explorer is drilling into is in such high demand globally that the project has been formally designated as a Strategic Minerals Deposit by the government.

The Chinese and Russians don't like it for obvious reasons — but you will!

Simply click here and the name & trading symbol are yours.

Yours in profits,


Mike Fagan
Editor, Resource Stock Digest

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