10x Worse Than 2022’s Stock Market Crash?. | 19 March

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2022 Meltdown

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Is The Great American Collapse Here?

Dear Reader,

Apple is down -23%

Amazon -36%

Facebook -52%

And Netflix -71%

Is there anywhere truly safe?

More importantly, what's NEXT?

Another pandemic?

More war?

A bigger market crash?

Nomi Prins (a former Goldman Sachs managing director) says:

"What's NEXT is NOT a historic crash... it's NOT inflation... it's FAR worse...

A reshaping of our global financial system has ignited a $40 trillion transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich... that could forever split the entire nation into two groups... 'the new rich' or 'the new poor' - you will have to make a choice."

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