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+1,505% Growth Projections. Now Is the Time to Buy

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At this point, you may have heard of blockchain technology. This incorruptible digital ledger for transactions is impacting virtually every industry. The blockchain market is worth $10.2 billion today, and is predicted to reach $163.8 billion by 2029. That's an incredible +1,505% surge.

It's no wonder our Blockchain Innovators portfolio is already riding 6 triple-digit gains, including +281%, +380%, and +419%.¹ In this deeply undervalued market, I believe all 6 still have much higher to climb (along with the rest of the portfolio).

Blockchain Is Really Taking Off.

Powerful institutions like JP Morgan, HSBC and Goldman Sachs have recently started using blockchain as part of their operations.
Amazon Web Services is integrating blockchain to provide high-powered solutions to corporations, institutions, and governments.
Visa and Mastercard - the two largest payment platforms on earth - are incorporating this technology into several products, with Mastercard already having 89 blockchain patents.

In Blockchain Innovators, we dig deep to uncover strong, often unheralded, companies that are making major advances with the technology. Only the most promising companies meet this portfolio's strict criteria. The sooner you look into them, the more profits you stand to gain.

I'm also getting ready to add another pick with triple-digit gain potential when the market opens Monday morning.

There's no need to hesitate. It only costs $1 to follow these trades along with all of Zacks' real-time buys and sells for a full 30 days without a cent of additional obligation. Click here to see our blockchain stocks »

Bonus Report: When you look into Blockchain Innovators, you can also download our Special Report on another fast-emerging technology: the metaverse. The metaverse offers an immersive digital experience that's poised to change the world - and make early investors very rich. Discover five surprising stocks with spectacular upside for this $10 trillion opportunity.

Please note, your opportunity ends midnight Sunday, March 5 - tonight.

All the Best,

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David Bartosiak
Editor of Blockchain Innovators

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