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Zacks Member,

Staying optimistic about our economy can be challenging. High inflation has caused a significant hardship for many Americans. And the U.S. has a long way to go to reduce it.

But all is not doom and gloom.

Job creation was expected to slow down this year. So far, it hasn't. And although high-profile layoffs have been reported in the tech sector, Americans as a whole are experiencing exceptionally rare job security. In January, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest levels since 1969.

Also, inflation leads to uncertainty in the market. Uncertainty leads to depressed stock prices.

And I have the perfect resource to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

To help you uncover the best stocks, you've been selected to receive my hardbound book, Finding #1 Stocks, free. I'll even cover the shipping. Its 300 pages unfold virtually every trading secret I've learned over the last 25 years to beat the market.

It also details Zacks' most successful strategies - giving you the potential to best this market by a substantial margin. For example, while the S&P lost -18.2% in 2022, our stock-picking strategies actually produced gains up to +15.6%, +38.9%, and +39.7%

As an added bonus, you'll be able to access our online Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course which lets you quickly review the latest stocks from those strategies. This fun interactive course makes it easy to put them into effect in the comfort of your own home without attending a class or seminar.

This chance to get Finding #1 Stocks ends Saturday, March 18 - tonight. But, and this is important, response from your fellow investors has been overwhelming and our inventory is limited. So act now to claim your free copy.

All the Best,

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Kevin Matras, EVP

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