Even the Vatican is falling…

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Even The Vatican?

Dear Reader,

I need to apologize...

A few weeks ago, I released a controversial new documentary.

It sent shockwaves through the financial world by exposing how two unelected billionaires are systematically destroying the American economy.  

But I made a mistake...

At the time of filming, I believed these two men ( who I name here) would confine their crusade to "just" America's 330 million citizens.

How wrong I was.  

I underestimated the lengths these two men would go to reset not just America's financial and economic system, but the entire Western world.

As the Wall Street Journal just reported, one of these men now "has the ear of Governments and megabanks" and "dispenses counsel to the Fed, the Vatican, and President[s]."

And he just inked a deal that hands him influence over the reconstruction of an entire country...

If you don't know the names of these two unelected billionaires - and the dystopian future they are engineering - I suggest you get yourself up to speed immediately.

Watch my documentary at no cost here. 

It exposes everything, including how to protect your family and your money from the wholesale destruction of America that these two men have planned.  

Click here now to stream my documentary at no cost.
Click here now to stream my documentary at no cost.


Porter Stansberry.

P.S. When I first warned of the 2008 housing crash, the implosion of Freddie Mac, or the demise of General Electric and  General Motors... nobody believed me.

But these were inevitable conclusions for anyone who followed the data and connected the dots. Well, once again, the data tells me we are at a point of no return.

Once again, people will call me crazy.

And, once again, I believe any investor who listens to what I say will be thankful they did.

Because, while getting to the bottom of this story, my analysts and I uncovered a buried investment opportunity. If we're right, it could potentially 10x your money in the coming years.

CLICK HERE NOW to unlock the full story.

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