Is it True… Will Biden Outlaw Cash?

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Is it True… Will Biden Outlaw Cash?

Everybody is asking... is it true that Biden wants to outlaw cash?

The truth is he couldn't do it even if he wanted to.

But Executive Order 14067 outlines exactly who can...

...and that group has planned a closed-door meeting for later this month.

It may be one of the most-important meetings of our lifetimes.

If things happen the way I think they could, a group of unelected cronies could change the fate of money in America forever.

Cash would be illegal.

The government could see every dollar you spend.

And it could erase wealth with the push of a button.

I've put together all the details, plus five things you should do right away... at this link.

The meeting is on March 22, so it's important you move now.

Again, all the details about this big meeting and why I'm so worried are here.

Be well,


P.S. If cash is outlawed... imagine what gold prices will do! But there's a right way and a wrong way to own gold. I discuss the right way here.

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