January was hot! Will March bring big moves too?

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I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday evening. I'm running scans for Monday. I spend most of my time in my home office in New Hampshire focused on finding momentum stocks with the biggest upside potential.  

I'm talking about massive potential.  I am about to show you a few examples of how I recently uncovered some obscure stocks you have probably never heard of …

… that made moves over 1000% – yeah, it's hard to believe, but there are stocks out there making over 1000% moves. Let me show you my method of how I find them.

It all starts with my custom scanning tools.

I have been trading these types of stocks for over a decade now. And I have built some incredible tools to help me find stocks that meet my exact criteria with surgical precision. I am looking at momentum indicators, short interest, how the stock has reacted to the market previously, and even weird details like how much cash the company is burning (or making) each month. I spend $1000's and $1000's each year to get this access – but you get to benefit from it all (at no cost) just for being a Lightning Alerts member (pretty cool, huh?)

From over 19,000 possible stocks each day, I compile a small list of what I think are the "holy grail" candidates. These are the ones I think are most likely to make triple (or even quadruple) digit gains over the next few days. I then share this list with over 166,762 people who are part of my Lightning Alerts community. This list will change slightly during the day, so you can expect to see TWO updates from me each day – once around noon, and then another in the evening after I have had time to review all of the data from the day. But the really fun part comes from my actual trade alerts! When I am ready to pull the trigger on a trade, I send out an alert to all of my members on my exclusive app and also in an email with the exact details on how I want to trade it (of course, you will get this before I ever even make a trade!)

Just like I recently did with HOTH

which then gained 143%overnight!

Here is a copy of what I sent out to members:

Then the very next day this stock blew above my target price, so I sent everyone another alert to let them know!

Check out how it looked on the stock chart.  Pretty awesome, right?!

Before that, I hit this stock which gained 356% in one day!

If you have time to join me during the day, I also spend a lot of time live trading and teaching my members in our exclusive trading room.  This is a great way to grow your confidence and find some spicy trading ideas each day – live as they are happening! Watch how I coached subscribers live to this trade before it blasted off like a rocket ship. 

And, of course, what might be one of my favorite alerts. Are you sitting down? This one jumped 1,007% in a single day!

Check out this quick video where I'll show you what it was like to catch this one live – before it made this historic move higher. It was one of the most exciting times I have had as a trader.

Now, of course, I'm not promising or even suggesting that you aim for a 1,000% runner. Everyone's risk tolerance is different. But I can teach you the 3 characteristics I use to spot mega squeezes and when to expect them. You can now get access to my real-time trade alerts and daily live trading in my premium service called "Lightning Alerts."

This is the absolute best service for anyone who wants to save time and get access to the very best trading ideas every single day. I have put together the complete package that every trader needs:

⇨ Daily email watch list (2x per day)

⇨ Access to the Lightning Alerts live trading room

⇨ My library of video trading education

⇨ App & email alerts before I am ready to make a new trade

I've sold this level of service to thousands of subscribers for $3,999/year. I understand that everyone can't afford that price tag, but I don't want anyone to miss out on the amazing opportunities we have right now, so I recently cut this price in half. But, because you're not a premium subscriber to the Lightning Alerts, I am going to go one step further and knock this down to an absolutely ridiculous deal

Right now, there is no reason at all that you shouldn't be a member of this game-changing service. But make no mistake, this is a limited-time offerAnd to show you how much I want you to succeed, I'll include 3 of my best selling small-cap stock services for FREE.

There are three phases when a stock move is most likely: the pre-market hours, text and email alerts for swing trades, and the Monday gapers. I teach all of them for a reason, they are the best times to trade, and I want to give everyone the complete package as part of this program instead of selling it piecemeal.

Start the morning off right with as you watch and listen to my detailed selection process in the intelligent live stream chat room where I alert top stock picks in real-time. 

From 8-10 am ET daily I will trade live and go through trade ideas using my fine tuned, momentum checklist, that has identified and alerted news runners, just minutes into their moves, as big as 300%, 400%, and even 1,000% the same day. 

I call it the…

Valued at $799/Yearly and included FREE in Lightning Alerts

I recorded a few so you could see the through process live. 

  1. VS opening range breakout [01:18]

  2. AMAM opening range breakout [02:05]

  3. LUCY opening range breakout [09:37]

  4. PHVS opening range breakout [02:02]

  5. CRKN opening range breakout [03:01]

PRO TIP: Here's the checklist I use to find these monsters:

  1. Amazing news (filter out puffery)

  2. Big range (50-100% to major resistance)

  3. Float (smaller = could run faster through range)

  4. Short interest (higher = turbocharged breakout)

  5. Dilution risk (must be medium to low)

  6. Entry (am I chasing?)

  7. Take the trade

Valued at $799/Yearly and included FREE in Lightning Alerts

Subscribesee you Monday morning

Here's a cheat sheet for the opening range breakouts Monday morning.

Valued at $499/Yearly and included FREE

Monday Movers is the perfect way to cap off your trading week and start the following week. After day and swing trading all week, I will send you my curated Friday afternoon watch – a list of the stocks I think will gap up on Monday. The way I see it, companies have Friday night happy hour, as well as Saturday and Sunday on the golf course to ink deals. Which they like to announce early in the week to get the most visibility. You'll also get real-time entry and exit alerts on the trades I pull the trigger on. This is a great way to add a little more excitement to your weekends!

Valued at $999/Yearly and included FREE

A "tenbagger" is an investment that appreciates in value 10 times its initial purchase price. The term "tenbagger" was coined by legendary fund manager Peter Lynch in his book One Up On Wall Street. To me Hidden Gems are stocks with explosive growth prospects. I look at growing industries because they'll have more potential tenbaggers than a mature industry with established players. Now let's be honest, Peter Lynch, no doubt had a team of analysts crunching numbers 24/7 to find tenbaggers. For us retail traders I think a more realistic GOAL is to look at one idea a month that could double, or maybe even triple. 

That is my entire suite of trading services for an unbelievable price. Again, as a free subscriber, I am only making this pricing available to you for an extremely limited time and I am even backing this by a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Click here to unlock the power of the premium Lightning Alerts 

program right now!

Jason Bond

RagingBull, LLC
62 Calef Hwy. #233, Lee, NH 03861

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