Major Gold Stock Buy Alert

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Tiny gold stocks are breaking out

Gold is breaking out.

It's up $250 in the past two months and now trades above the all-important technical and psychological level of $1,800 per ounce.  

Related gold stocks are breaking out as well.  

If you know one thing about the gold market… It's that when gold prices are rising, gold stocks move even faster and higher.

First, the larger producers and royalty companies. Followed by the gold mine developers.

And that's why I'm writing today.

I make a living by writing about what I'm personally investing in. That means I lose twice if I'm wrong about a stock pick — once on the stock, and again on the loss of my readers' confidence.

It's a good thing I'm right much more than I'm wrong.

And I think I'm extremely right about what's next for gold and gold stocks.

I have been loading up on one gold mine developer in particular in anticipation of this bull run.

Officially, it's already the second largest discovery of gold in the US in the past decade.

But I think it will be much bigger. In fact, I think this company is onto America's next biggest gold discovery.

And it couldn't come at a better time.

Shares are up 71% in the past few months, but have much farther to go as a new gold bull market gets underway.

Click here to learn all about it.

Good investing,


Nick Hodge
Founder, Digest Publishing

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