Morgan Stanley Increases Stake by 102%. | 15 March

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Here is an interesting offer from our partners:

Dear Reader,

I know gas prices are insane right now.

But that's why I'm contacting you...

There's one stock the big banks just can't stop buying. Even in this market.

What makes this stock so special?

That's easy.

This tiny company is swooping in to save millions of Americans from the high prices at the gas pump.

Literally, the one thing everyone wants... lower fuel prices.

This company can save Americans up to $2,400 with a newer, more efficient fuel pump!

Which is why I don't imagine it will be less than $20 per share for long. So, get the details while you can.

Morgan Stanley recently doubled down and increased their stake by 102%.

They have $37 million invested in a single stock.

Citadel has increased their stake by 172%... they're in for $48 million.


All on a stock that's less than $20 per share!

BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, has increased their stake by more than 50%...

They're in for an incredible $139 million...

All of these banks are betting a combined quarter of a billion dollars on this one stock... detailed here.


Maria Bonaventura
Senior Managing Editor, Rogue Economics

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