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Hey there, 

Due to the great response we've had about this service, we wanted to share more details with those who have yet to take advantage of it. 

[Particularly we saw HUGE clicks on JW's trade journal (sitting at an 80% win rate and his TrustPilot reviews (96% 4 and 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐).] And because you asked, we answered…

We are opening Market Navigator Chat Room to EVERYONE this Thursday March 16 8am - 4pm


Ever feel like you're stuck in a rut when it comes to your trading day. I mean sure, you're still trading but there's no fun in it, no comradery, no electric atmosphere. 

I feel these are things we all need in our trading day. They help to keep our minds sharp, or skills laser-focused and not to mention learning something new can open a whole new world of trade possibilities. 

That's why I want to offer you an opportunity to take your trading knowledge to the next level. 

Heck, opportunities like this might even make your coffee taste better in the morning!

You know, over my years, I've found many traders lack success because they get stuck in the same old, same old. You know what I mean, you get up, sit at your desk, drink the same black coffee, trade alone, rinse and repeat. BORING! 

I'd like to introduce you to my buddy, Jeff Williams, aka JW.  JW runs the biggest, most user-friendly chat room here on RagingBull – not to mention he's one of our best options traders, if not THE best we have.

He was a teacher for 12 years in NY. If ANYONE understands how to work and trade on a limited schedule, he does! 

He used to trade on his lunch breaks, and any time he could get away!

So his trading service has been developed off the backbone of a working person's schedule, and not to pump him up too much – but I think his RESULTS speak for themselves. 

Let me explain…

His flagship service, Market Navigator, is an options trading service that focuses on just ONE ticker symbol, day in and day out – the SPY.

The S&P500 or "SPY" is the top 500 companies in America so trading the SPY is like owning a little piece of all the top companies at one time – the best of the best and the most liquid also. 

Each morning at exactly 8:45am (EST), he delivers his "SPY morning Blueprint" directly to your email inbox. This email is short but packed with important learning information but most importantly, it contains his HIGHEST CONVICTION trade on the SPY for that morning.

This is where it gets really FUN! At 9AM EST each morning, he broadcasts live to nearly 400 traders just like you, in his video and audio chat room to break down the morning email, educate you on how he came to his conclusion, and then share the exact trade he's about to make BEFORE he makes it. 

At 9:25AM he then sends out an app alert to your smartphone, just in case you're already at work, and the alert will contain the exact strike price and expiration date he's about to buy on the SPY, along with his entry price.

His goal is to be in and out of the trade by 10AM or shortly after.

This ONE trade has become known as his "SPY Trade of the Day" and members just LOVE it.

What's not to love about removing all the noise Wall Street tries to throw at you every morning? 

What's not to love about NOT having to run tens or hundreds of stock scanners and only focus on ONE ticker each day – SPY? 

What's NOT to love about having the goal of being in and out of a trade within 30 - 45 minutes so you can go back to your busy work day? 

What's not to love about talking to several hundred people each day in a LIVE trading environment? I mean no more falling asleep at the wheel here gang!

You see what I'm getting at here?!?

I told you, this is probably the most simplified but biggest bang for your buck service we have right now. It's action-packed, filled with tons of learning material and you can literally look over Jeff's shoulder and watch him trade real money, live trades, each and every day.

Don't sell it short though. If you like MORE trades, he stays in the chat room from 9AM to 11AM and then from 2PM to 4PM nearly every day. His moderators also alert several other trade ideas outside of the "SPY Trade of the Day."

You remember what I said above about his results? How does his 80% win rate sound? Take a look for yourself at his fully transparent trading journal found here.

While he can't promise these results, he can promise that he will work every day right alongside you to teach you how he's been able to achieve such success. His exact approach to each trading day and how slowing things down has helped increase his win percentage.

This is what all of us want, and this is exactly why I wanted to share this with you.

Let me do you one more BIG favor. 

I've just created TWO options for signing up. One is for a $29 - 30 day FULL trial in case you just want to dip your toe into the waters and the other is for a $1,100 savings off the yearly rate, cha ching!

These deals won't last forever and honestly, for 252 "Trade of the Day" alerts (based off the yearly), an extensive yet easy to follow video lesson library, a live trading chat room and my morning SPY blueprint…selling at these levels is like GIVING this away. 

So I invite you to click on this link right here, up your educational knowledge of how markets work and start following his trades and why he makes them every day. Talk about a great learning experience!

If within 30 days you don't just LOVE Market Navigator, just contact our support staff  (Support@RagingBull.com/(800) 380-7072) and they will be happy to make things right for you.

I call this our "Peace of Mind" Policy. It essentially takes the risk off the table and allows you to try this for 30 days worry free.

But don't wait because while he can offer you the Peace of Mind policy,  these HUGE savings will NOT last much longer.

Hope to see you soon in the Market Navigator chat room as well, I hope you will love it!

To your success!

Your friends at RagingBull All-Access

PS Contact Jeff Brown (jbrown@ragingbull.com/ 800-585-4488) if you need more info or want to see if you have any existing credits you can apply to joining JWs service  – good luck ๐Ÿ€

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