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Trade of the Day | Week in Review
Trade of the DayOil Pumpjack
A Rate-Resistant Pick

A Rate-Resistant Pick

Three register ringers and a new trade...
Check for a Million Dollars

"We're Living Like We Used to, but Without the Stress."

Discover how people are collecting huge income outside the stock market...
If SPX Hits This Level, I

All Eyes on the SPX

If it hits this level, I'm going to consider making these types of trades.
Fed Announcement? Trade This!

Introducing the "JPow Protection Plan"

This is how we're playing the current down markets...
1 Stock Every Week

Former CBOE Trader Reveals #1 Stock EVERY WEEK!

He's delivered an 83% win rate, but he guarantees he'll beat that!
Red Darts

My Checklist for Consistent Winning Trades

Try this if you're unsure when to get into a stock...

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