Take a look at what a gold portfolio can do nowadays…

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Over the past few months, popular market indexes have been flatlining…

Dear Reader,

Over the past few months, popular market indexes have been flatlining…

For context, since November 1st, the S&P 500 is down 0.29%... The NASDAQ is down 3.61%... And The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up only 1.69%...

Compare that to our 2023 Ultimate Gold Portfolio… and well, the results speak for themselves:


On average, our portfolio – made up of Major Gold Producers, Royalty & Streaming companies, Hard Assets, and more – is up 18.31% since Halloween..

Bottom line: Gold is finally outperforming most stocks.

And in 2023, we expect this divergence to continue as the overall markets idle into a recession.

So, to jump ship from a potentially disastrous 2023 stock market… we're urging all investors to seek immediate exposure to the gold sector.

That's why we're giving away a FREE 2023 gold portfolio and allocation strategy to help investors get started.

No frills – these are the only gold stocks you should consider buying as the gold bull market accelerates.

Gold Playbook

P.S. This report is a primer to today's evolving gold investment environment. Not only does it cover some of the basics like how to hedge your wealth safely with gold… but it also breaks down industry trends sector by sector… and pinpoints several high-quality growth stocks along the way.

Before investors across the globe all jump on the gold train, now's your chance… Click here to get our top picks.

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