The Obvious Mistake Most Traders Make

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One of the most common mistake most traders make is not doing the correct asset allocation.

What do I mean by this?

There are a couple ways they (you?) make a mistake.

First, how much money do you allocate to the market. Let's say you have $100,000 you could potentially allocate to the stock market. What percentage of that should you put into the market?

Which brings us to the second asset allocation decision.

You see the correct answer is: it depends. And here is where you can make a big mistake or turbo charge your profits.

How much you allocate to the market depends on several factors:

  1. What is the monetary situation from the Fed
  2. What is the fiscal situation from the government
  3. What is the seasonal situation

It is critical that you get these right because this is the most important decision you make as an investor.

For example, you decide to put all $100,000 into the market at the beginning of 2022. Oooops, you lose 25% of your bankroll. Or maybe you decide to put it all in the market at the bottom in 2020. Sweet! You double your money!

You see how this is so important?

You need to be able to understand what is happening to monetary policy, fiscal policy, and seasonal to make the correct asset allocation decision.

Fortunately, our Wealthbuilder Insider shows you how to make the correct decision! It will teach you how to make the correct decision for monetary policy, fiscal policy, and seasonals so you maximize your profits and reduce your risk.

We just went through a major bear market but we actually made money using these powerful techniques!

Which means we outperformed all financial planners, nearly all mutual funds, all pension funds and only a few hddge funds beat us.

All because of the education in the Wealthbuilder Insider membership program.

Click here to learn more about it!

Good asset allocation,

Courtney Smith


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Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
United States
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