An Lyrical Quatrain to Kickoff Your Weekend

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MAY 26 2023
A Lyrical Quatrain to Kickoff Your Weekend
Of Steaks, Cornhole, and Deep Thoughts

With the three-day weekend coming up, I’m as keen as anyone else to get started a little early.

To help speed us all from labor to leisure, I’m going to keep this short.

Memorial Day is an easy holiday to take for granted.

Most of us never had to do the hard work of defending – or being ready to defend – the freedoms that make America worth a damn.

Taking that hard work for granted has consequences with which we now must grapple.

So, between grilling steaks, eating hotdogs, and playing cornhole this weekend, take some time to appreciate that hard work.

And because I guess that’s what I do when I’m halfway out the door, I wrote a little poem to inspire you to make this a weekend of consequence.


Will life pass before we know it?
What distractions flitter by
While missing life’s great purpose
That we’ll cherish when we die?

Will we love the life that lived it?
What grave choices do we make
To compromise the moment
For a gambled, distant stake?

Will we trust our minds to judgment?
What faint voices fill the night
Posing dogma as the Truth,
Blocking reason from insight?

Will our life have made a difference?
What frail tendrils do we rear
That live a life beyond us
In the hearts we held so dear?

Thank you to all that displayed the courage it takes to serve in the U.S. military.

And may we all have a weekend that matters.

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