How I’m Planning My Trades for Next Week

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This is what I look for…

With the market closed on Monday for Memorial Day, we have a shortened trading week coming up.

That means I'm getting started now with creating a game plan and preparing my portfolio for next week.

In today's video, I'll go over the trends for the major indices, as well as the ticker symbols I have my eye on…


While identifying trends is a key part of my personal trading strategy, there's something else I've started tracking, too…

I've discovered a number of stocks that go up on certain dates. And I'm not just talking once or twice in a row, I'm talking about a 10-year track record.

That's an incredible piece of information to have on hand! But the question is, what can you do with it, and how can it be incorporated into a trading strategy?

That's exactly what I just revealed in a new training session.

Watch the Session Here

Trade well,


Jack Carter

Jack Carter Trading


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