[Premium Alert] for Monday 5/22 is Another Red Hot IPO (Breakout Play)

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New Premium Breakout Alert for Monday 5/22

Be First To Get This Red Hot IPO

Very Rare Situation Your Have at Your Fingertips

Hi 10XProTrader Member,

This is Kevin Vander with "10XProTrader" delivering you your new premium alert for Monday 5/22 - trading session is Interactive Strength Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR).

The IPO market is red hot with momentum right now. When it comes to trading IPOs, you can expect BIG price swings.

What causes these short-term bursts in the stock price? Supply and demand does.

These Two Catalysts Are Part of The Reason

 Why "TRNR" Is My New Premium Alert

The first catalysts is the IPO market is showing tremendous upside momentum right now. There is a huge money supply from VC's, and thousands of fresh investors that are eager to buy new issues with exciting growth ahead.

IPO Market Shows Signs of Life Even
as Recession Fears Persist

Amount raised in March-April almost double that of January-February.

Asia continues to lead the way with vast majority of deals.

Want Big IPO Gains Like You See Below?
The Proof is There!

This is exactly what excites me about "TRNR" right now. While there have been several IPO's that were lackluster, there have also been some incredible winners so far this year that you probably haven't seen or heard of.

400%+ Gain from a recent IPO in March. This little-known transport company "BANL" went public @ just $4 a share. A few weeks later those same shares were trading for over $20, for a massive 400% move higher!

365% Gain from another recent IPO "GNLX" started trading in February @ $6 a share? That stock rallied all the way to $30 just a few weeks after that, which showed early investors a gain of over 365% from the IPO price.

110%+ Gains! Another recent red hot IPO is TCJH which you can see below. It went public @ $4 just a couple of weeks ago, and then recently this week the stock soared to $9.33 per share, dishing out 110%+ Gains

If You're Interested In Triple Digit Gains Potential Pay Close Attention!

Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR) Is My #1 IPO Stock

For Next Weeks' Trading Session Starting Monday 5/22...

10 Red Hot Investor Highlights That Could Create Triple Digit Gains Potential

Interactive Strength, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRNR)

  • TRNR has developed a genius business model designed to generate high annual recurring revenue through its research and development.

  • TRNR began mass production of its smart home gyms at the end of 2022 – and is already sold out!

  • TRNR's current product portfolio, which consists of FORME Studio, FORME Studio Lift, and health coaching services, including a VOD membership, and Live 1:1 personal training, addresses the needs of virtually everyone interested in fitness.

  • TRNR management includes industry leaders who bring strength in finance and fitness: Trent Ward, Chief Executive Officer, who had a successful career in finance having worked at Citadel, Deepak Mulchandani, Chief Technology Officer, who was Head of Engineering at Peloton.

  • TRNR is differentiated as the only company to offer live 1:1 and asynchronous coaching memberships from the industry's highest quality personal trainers.

  • TRNR is in a trillion dollar a year sector. According to the 2021 Global Wellness Institute, total global spending in the wellness industry in 2020 was $4.4 Tril, of which approximately $740 Bil was spent on fitness and other categories of wellness, including yoga, barre, and Pilates.

  • TRNR explosive growth niche market. Physical gyms/fitness clubs have actually been DECLINING 6.7% per year from 2018 - 2023. However, online/digital fitness, fitness apps, fitness equipment, and fitness tracker markets all experienced significant growth due to the pandemic, and are expected to continue to GROW an average of 17.6% per year through 2030, according to GrandView Research.

  • TRNR has hired an elite team of world-class trainers in the fitness and wellness industry.

  • TRNR designed its product portfolio to be modular and customizable so that its product and service offerings can be tailored to a broad range of fitness goals, budgets, and needs, thereby accessing a larger addressable market.

  • TRNR's research, they believe their total addressable market includes nearly ten million households, representing total potential revenue of $18 Bil, all of which is in the United States.

"TRNR Company Bio"

Ticker Symbol: TRNR is a digital fitness platform that combines premium connected fitness hardware products with live virtual personal training and coaching to deliver an immersive experience and better outcomes for both consumers and trainers.

TRNR delivers an immersive and dynamic at-home fitness experience through two connective hardware products: 1. The FORME Studio (fitness mirror) and 2. The FORME Studio Lift (fitness mirror and cable-based digital resistance).

The Studios uniquely transform to host a variety of workouts and activities, returning to an elegant, full-length mirror when not in use. In addition to the Company's connected fitness hardware products, FORME offers expert personal training and health coaching in different formats and price points through Video On-Demand, Custom Training, and Live 1:1 virtual personal training.

TRNR went public at $8, and the stock had a dip out of the gate. That means the stock is already trading at a discount to the offering price, and it creates a unique opportunity to look at.

TRNR has created an all-in-one smart home gym designed to connect people with real, elite coaches in all areas of fitness and wellness, including personal training and specialized sport instruction, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and injury rehabilitation.

TRNR operates "ForMe" – a digital fitness platform that combines premium connected fitness hardware products with personal training and coaching (from real people!) to deliver an immersive experience and better outcomes for both consumers and trainers.

Here is a snapshot of of their in-house trainers available right now (borrowed from their investor deck)…

TRNR is set to pioneer the brand in the emerging sector of virtual personal training and health coaching and that our products and services are accelerating a powerful shift towards outcome-driven fitness solutions

TRNR offers two connected fitness hardware products, the Forme Studio (fitness mirror) and the Forme Studio Lift (fitness mirror and cable-based digital resistance).

From everything I see so far, Peloton, Tonal, and Mirror all have some serious competition now!

Here is how the valuations of the "big 3" above look, just for comparison:

Even after collapsing from $150 to around $8 right now, Peloton (PTONstill has a market cap of over $3 BILLION.

Tonal is still private, but they raised $130M at a roughly $550M valuation.

Mirror was bought during the pandemic by Lululemon for around $500 million.

Right now, with the discount to the IPO price, TRNR has a potential valuation of roughly $90 Mil, relatively peanuts compared to their larger competitors, who are many years ahead of them and are now slower growing.

Here is a great graphic pulled from the investor deck showing where TRNR stands today relative to where the other 3 were at similar stages of their growth:

If you're are looking for a shot at a huge potential winner, with tremendous upside potential, you must pay close attention to the IPO market right now.

TRNR is a red hot fresh IPO that has a very interesting story to pay attention to right now, especially this early in the game.

The growth potential for the fitness sector is off the charts right now, and I really like the angle that TRNR is taking to compete in this market. Having direct access to live trainers without having to leave your home just sounds like a winning idea to me.

This is an exciting opportunity in one of the fastest-growing sectors out there. I urge you to look at the professional investor presentation >>> Grab Here <<<

I am urging all of our members to add TRNR to the top of your watch list right now, and be ready Monday morning at the opening bell!

10X Your Wealth,

Kevin Vander
Publisher, 10XProTrader.com Investment Research

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