The #1 investment portfolio in America?

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We have a message from our friend Matt Insley at Paradigm Press. The message that Matt relayed to his readers is very interesting, and we wanted to share it with you.

- Alex Moschina, Associate Publisher

The #1 investment portfolio in America?

Dear Reader,

Hedge fund managers are the undisputed kings of Wall Street.

They associate with the rich... powerful... and famous...

They get paid ungodly fees for their services...

But most importantly...

These financial icons know how to make money at will...

Even when the markets are tanking.

And today, you might be able to do the same...

You see, our company formed an alliance with one of the most impressive portfolio experts in hedge fund history.

Last year, his model portfolio beat the returns of Ray Dalio... David Tepper... and Ken Griffin combined.

And today, he has agreed to teach our readers the secret behind his record year (it's 100% FREE to learn his strategy).

And if check out his recent video, you can even learn about his next big trade target - he believes it could make 166% in 10 days (or less).

Click here to learn about this former $20MM fund manager's upcoming 'income trade'.

Matt Insley
Publisher, Paradigm Press

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