A whole lot of earnings (plus the next Fed clown show)

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JULY 25 2023
Earnings + FOMC Comedy Tour Dominate The Week

Earnings kicked off last week, are in FULL SWING this week with META, GOOG, MSFT, GM, F, V, MA, BA, and lots more! Plus the Fed comedy tour kicks off Tuesday and wraps up with a potential interest rate hike on Wednesday.

As Jeffry has mentioned before, the Fed is driving with its eyes in the rear view mirror — looking at past data to make future decisions. Not to mention: A typical rate hike takes 24 FULL months to trickle through the economy, but they keep looking at the short term.

And stay tuned to find out what stocks are popping and dropping today as Jeffry scans the market for today’s possible plays.

Trend Reversal Spotting

Market trends are a powerful force in the financial markets. When used correctly, they can help to make traders a lot of money — but they can also be dangerous.

The Problem With Trend Reversals

Trend reversals are a common occurrence in the financial markets. They can happen when the underlying fundamentals of an asset change, when investors change their expectations about the future, or even if a piece of news or legislation comes out that could affect a particular stock or industry.

You’ve probably seen it happen in your own trading. You do your research, find a great entry, place your order and get filled… Maybe for a while, the trend works out in your favor, but then suddenly — and almost mysteriously, things change and the position starts working against you.

When a trend reverses, it can happen quickly and without warning. And that can be hazardous to your financial health.

Traditional Methods

There are a number of traditional methods that traders use to try to spot trend reversals.

These methods include:

Moving averages: Moving averages are a popular technical indicator that can be used to identify trend reversals. When a moving average crosses below the price of an asset, it can be a signal that the trend is reversing.
Fibonacci retracements: Fibonacci retracements are a set of ratios that can be used to identify potential support and resistance levels. When the price of an asset retraces to a Fibonacci level, it can be a signal that the trend is reversing.
Volume: Volume is the amount of trading activity that takes place in an asset. When volume increases, it can be a sign that a trend is gaining momentum. However, when volume decreases, it can be a sign that the trend is losing momentum.

While these traditional methods can be helpful in identifying trend reversals, they have one major drawback: they can't tell you before a trend reversal is about to happen.

Enter the VVD Indicator

The VVD indicator is my brand-new technical indicator that I’ve personally coded myself over the past year to help traders spot trend reversals before they happen.

The VVD indicator works by measuring divergence between the only two truths in the market: price and volume. Divergence is a powerful signal that a trend is about to reverse. However, not all divergences are created equal.

The VVD indicator uses my proprietary algorithm to filter out false signals. This means that you can be confident that the signals you're getting from the VVD indicator are accurate.

Last Chance: Beta Test

I recently released my VVD indicator to a select group of traders for a closed beta test. So far the interest it’s generated and the feedback I’ve gotten has been amazing, but there is still more work to be done.

I’m looking for a few more traders to join my beta test group.

If you’d like to hear more about this tool, I’m going live to share all the details and answer all your questions. You can click here to register your spot.

Hope you like what you see,

— Jeffry Turnmire
P.S. This is my final live push for this beta test, so if you’ve been on the fence, please attend today and ask me all your questions. Click here to register.

Also, take a look at this unsolicited feedback I got shortly after the initial release last week.

I would be negligent if I didn’t tell you that not all trades will work out like this, but it’s great to see it’s already helping folks:


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