Big oil is “dumping green” for this 🚀

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Why are Shell, BP, and other oil giants dumping "green energy" projects…

And ramping up fossil fuel investments?

It's because after funneling cash into renewable projects over the last few years…

They realized they were making 6x more money from fossil fuels than renewables.

Now, with demand for gasoline reaching new highs in recent months…

They're doubling down on fossil fuel investments, and the new wave of institutional capital is creating new opportunities in one low-risk, high-reward oil & gas ETF. 

Learn more here: #1 ETF for steady oil income in Q3 & Q4.

Low-Risk Large-Caps For Short-Term Gains

Not everyone has the patience to wait for one to six months for the triple-digit gains we're expecting from the Lucid Group, S&P 500 ETF, and U.S Natural Gas Fund.

That's why I asked my team to publish our free training on finding…

Low-risk large-caps with significant upsides in the short term. 

Check it out here to see how to get in on the action today.

To your trading success,

Steve Place

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