Day #2: Finding the perfect stock for income trading

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I'm out this week, but here are some of my greatest hits

Hey traders,

If you missed yesterday's newsletter, this is just a reminder that I'm out this week…

But I'm not leaving you high and dry — I'm sending you a few of my greatest hits…

And by the end of the week, you'll have solid building blocks for creating your own income strategy.

Ok, so yesterday we talked about mindset. It sounds unimportant, but it's actually everything.

Because if you refuse to believe that you can dramatically raise your odds by becoming an options seller, then nothing else I say will make sense.

Now, assuming you've accepted that becoming an options seller is the way to go…

The next step is to pick the absolute best stocks.

Because becoming an options seller on crummy stocks is the best way to the poorhouse.

You only want the best of the best stocks.

So how do you find those?

Easy, the key is to find a trending stock. I covered the basics of this a few weeks ago in this update.

Scroll down that page to the section "How To Find The Trend", I list out the exact steps you need to follow.

But that's not all.

I went even more into detail on Episode 2 of "The Weekly Spread" with Norman Hallet last week.

You can watch that video here and then scroll down the page to "The #1 Thing To Do Before You Place A Single Income Trade" where you'll find 7 things I look for to find only the best stocks.

When you put those tips together, you will have a power house stock on which you can start to build your income trading empire.

Stay tuned for Step #3.

And remember, these steps don't work unless you do.

Learn the steps. Write them down. Internalize them. And then apply them.

There's no magic. These are the same steps I follow for my own trading. And I know that you can get some stellar results from them — if you put in the work.

Trade well,

Trade well,

Jack Carter



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