I am looking for a Pilot Group to test this….

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I couldn't believe the results

This week, I got back an audit I had asked my team to put together…

I had asked them to take my real, live issued trades over the last 3 months using the Wall Street calendar you've heard me talk so much about…

And apply a new set of trade criteria to them.

The results I just got back… are mind-blowing.

And I am looking for a Pilot Group to help me test this strategy asap.

You see, the audit showed that after just twelve trades the cumulative return could have been 899%!!

Of course, that is a pretty crazy number…

And you should never expect that kind of return, especially in just 3 months!

But when I saw the full report, I had to call an urgent briefing so that I could start testing this strategy immediately.

So I am cutting my vacation short to go LIVE this Saturday @ 1pm and walk you through what I am calling "Monster Trades"...

Tap Here to make sure you're included!

Trade well,

Jack Carter


P.S. We'll begin by targeting a "Monster Trade" this coming Monday… Make sure you are on board for that.

Details Here

Stated results are from hypothetical options applied to real published trades from April 25th- July 12th. Performance is not indicative of future results. Trade at your own risk and never risk more than you can afford and are willing to lose.


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