I Got A Feeling… Somebody’s Watching You

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Hey Trader,

Picture this, you're bored at work and the boss isn't looking…

… so you decide to kill a few minutes by having a quick scroll through Facebook.

You're just a few clicks into a montage of your buddy's pickleball tournament last weekend…

When you happen upon an advertisement for a chiropractor…

And he just so happens to have an office a few blocks from your house.

You get a weird "creepy, crawly" feeling slithering underneath your skin…

Last night, you complained to your wife that you hurt your back while you were out doing yard work…

How does Facebook know you might be looking for a chiropractor?

Especially one who's right in your own neighborhood?

Well, you know the answer by now don't you.

It's because these Big Tech companies have developed powerful technology that allows them to spy on you.

Every search you make, article you read, every video you watch, every post you like or share…

Heck, even your so-called "private conversations" with your friends and loved ones…

Someone is always listening, watching, or recording everything you do.

Then, Big Tech turns around and sells all this data to the highest bidder.

It's called Surveillance Capitalism and it's powering a 21st century economy that treats data as a commodity more valuable than oil or natural gas.

Today, the FAANG companies have a market cap greater than the GDP of most of the world's nations…

… all due to this spooky but EXTREMELY profitable business model.

But what if you could tear a page right out of their playbook?

What if you had a totally legal and ethical way to apply this same idea to Wall Street?

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'm going to share a nifty new way you can do JUST THAT.

J. R. Jaén
Editor, Market Surveillance Alliance

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