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July 26, 2023


Review Video

Below are the last 14 trades from one of our trading Accounts.

  • Average Winning Trade = 26.7%
  • Average Loosing Trade = 25.5%
  • Ten Winning Trades
  • 4 Loosing Trades

***The list below does not include the VLO we closed today for 30%+ and the OXY we cloed for 35%+


Friend, You can learn how to trade our powerful and high-probability setups. Give it a month.

If you're not happy, cancel at any time.

Cost: The cost is only 115.50 a month when you use the discount code HRC25

Extra Income... Give it a Month

Hit and Run Candlesticks member and trial member cheat sheet.

The following is a quick cheat sheet of what we are about. There are defiantly more details that are much easier to explain in the members' trading room. Please ask questions.

Hit and Run Candlesticks focuses on chart patterns, trends, price-action (Candlesticks), and trade management. Rick mainly uses the daily chart and tends to be a shorter-term swing trader. On average, he holds trades for 1-15 days. While Rick trades strictly directional stock and monthly options (buying calls and puts), his primary focus is on the chart and how the trade is planned and managed to profits.

The Phone APP

The phone app may be important if you are away from the trading room during the day because Rick sends trade alerts on every trade he takes. These will be something like "Bought XYZ Dec $70 Strike Calls." However, you would need to be in the trading room to get more of the "why" or find out stops and potential targets on a trade.

The Trading Room

The HRC room is open 24x7.

However, Rick starts his daily premarket review at 8:50 am Eastern and runs until about 9:05 - 9:10 am. He then returns at 9:30 am Eastern (Market open) until 10:30 am Eastern. (At which point, Rick breaks to do administrative tasks and brunch). He returns to the room at about 1 pm Eastern and then presents the rest of the day (depending on market conditions) until the market closes.

Live Trading Webinars

Rick hosts a live trading webinar on Mondays at 11:45 am Eastern in the Live Trading Alerts Room and on Thursdays at 1:30 pm Eastern in the Member's Combo Room. Rick will also host a live webinar on scheduled Tuesday evenings at 8: PM Eastern.

Rick's Chart Setup

Here are the moving averages Rick uses most often. The black line is the 8ema of Close and is called the T-Line. The Trendicator or the red/green dots are the 17ema of Close. The blue line is the 50sma of Close. The red line is the 200sma of Close. The red dashed line is the 200 front-weighted average of lows and is called the "dotted deuce."

The T-Line

Rick Saddler created the T-Line and how to use it. The T-Line is the 8ema. A few functions of the T-Line are: Helps to determine a trend, a stop, and a buy signal.

*The T-Line is now used around the world by many traders.

The 3/8 Trap

The 3/8 Trap is an entry mechanism. The idea is to wait for a pullback, and the candle below the 3ema and above the T-Line (this is the trap) is where we place many entries.


Rick will refer to the Tredicator as his trading trend. His entry will often be above the Trendcatior (Green dots) and in or near the 3/8 Trap.

The Rounded Bottom Breakout

In a nutshell - The RBB is a chart setup where the 50sma has been trending below the 200sma, and price has been trending below the 50sma. The trade starts when price comes back above the 50sma. The RBB trade is a revision to the mean trade and a relief rally from a downtrend.

The Pinball Setup

The Pinball setup is where the price has hit bottom and comes back above the T-Line along with the 2ema. The trade is started on the second day, providing the price is still above the T-Line

The 17-50 Trap

The 17/50 Trap is much like the Rounded Bottom Breakout just using the Trendicator and the 50sma. We are looking for price to be below the 50sma and above the Trendicator.

T2123 Indicator

Rick uses the T2123 indicator to determine and help confirm the direction and momentum of the market. T2123 is simply the difference between the number of issues reaching new highs (during 4 weeks) and the number of issues reaching new lows.

*Rick adjusts the time frame to 15 minutes and 60 minutes.

Rick does share his trades in the trading room. Neither Rick nor Hit and Run Candlesticks DOES NOT recommend trades to anyone.

Rick Saddler is not a registered financial advisor.

Investing and Trading involves significant risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication from Rick Saddler, Doug Campbell, or John Carignan should be considered as financial advice. All information is intended for Educational Purposes Only.

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Terms of Service Investing/Trading involve significant financial risk and is not suitable for everyone. No communication or chat sessions should be considered as financial or trading advice. All information is intended for educational purposes only


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