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JULY 25 2023
LULU’s Almost Hit It’s Level — And ROST Could Be Next

About a week ago, we were watching a possible breakout on the trendy retailer, Lululemon. 

And it’s almost hit its breakout level:

Interestingly, there’s another stock in LULU’s sector that’s been showing strength lately.

And that’s ROST (Ross Stores). 

While ROST is at the other end of the spectrum as far as clientele goes–LULU is expensive and cool; ROST is reasonably priced and sensible–they both have seen a boost with the recent interest in retail. 

Like most everything else, ROST suffered in the 2022 Bear Market. 

But it has come back nicely in 2023, and has shown strength since May 15th.

A break above $122.44 could lead to a nice move.

Happy trading,

— Scott Welsh

P.S. As a reminder, these plays are based on my longer-term Weinstein Stage Analysis method. The charts above use weekly candles. For details on this method, see my explanation on this Ask The Pros episode starting at timestamp 20:45.
Forced Selling Causes Predictable Monthly Bitcoin Drop

Earlier this month, one of my favorite Bitcoin miners (Marathon Digital Holdings) put out a press release.

I’m posting part of a screenshot here:

The most important part is highlighted in blue. Do you see it?
“The Company opted to sell 700 BTC during the month of June and intends to sell a portion of its bitcoin holdings in future periods to support monthly operations, manage its treasury, and for general corporate purposes.”

They made it sound like it was a choice, but in reality it’s forced selling.

But it’s not just Marathon.

Lots of Bitcoin miners have to sell lots of Bitcoin every single month.

Because mining Bitcoin requires some heavy resources. Like electricity.

And every month that electric bill comes due…

So how do you pay an electric bill in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Well, every month, Bitcoin miners have to sell some of their Bitcoin to pay off that whopping electric bill.

And once a month, like clockwork there’s a temporary “price warp” in Bitcoin because of all this forced selling.…

I think you can see where I’m going with this…

It’s a pattern you can take a position on — and I regularly do.

Imagine that. Some people dream of having gotten into Bitcoin years ago, when it was much cheaper.

But if you know where to look and how to play it, you can pick up Bitcoin every single month when the price gets “warped” due to this forced selling.

If you want to hear more about the monthly Bitcoin “loophole” that I discovered, I’m sharing all the details tomorrow, Wednesday July 26th @ 11am.

Click here to register your spot and join me to hear how I’ve been playing this monthly loophole.

Hope to see you there,

— Jeffry Turnmire

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