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I want to know more about my traders!

Hey Traders,

I don't know if you saw my email the other day, but listen up:

My team and I have discovered something really incredible.

In fact, it's such a shocking breakthrough, it basically goes completely against my primary style of trading.

It's a unique way that I've found to target "Monster" gains… I am talking about an average of 172% gain in 15 days or so based on our audit!

But here's the deal…

I don't want this to be like any other "new discovery," where I wow you with facts and figures and ask you to join me as a brand new member of this program.

I actually want to put together a "pilot group" of traders who will test this strategy with me and see if it's truly as remarkable as I think it can be.

I want to make sure you know what you're getting into.

So I'd love for you to fill out this brief questionnaire and let me know you understand what we're talking about

This isn't some kind of "challenge" or anything.

I just really want to make sure traders make sure they are a good fit for this new opportunity before they dive in with both feet.

So answer the questions here, and see if this feels like a good fit for you.

I personally can't wait to share this with my "pilot group." I hope that you're among them.

Trade well,

Jack Carter


Stated results are from hypothetical options applied to real published trades from April 25th- July 12th. Performance is not indicative of future results. Trade at your own risk and never risk more than you can afford and are willing to lose.


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