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Start your Bitcoin Loophole journey today!
I hope by now you've heard of my Bitcoin Loophole. 

This unique trade window opens up once a month and allows traders to tap into the hottest asset in the world! 

If you haven't gotten in on this, I'm assuming you're not quite sold on crypto…

Let me show you exactly how those who have taken advantage of my Bitcoin Loophole have been able to bypass the high risk factor crypto is typically known for:

No buying crypto in any way, shape, or form. 
Traders place the Bitcoin Loophole trade straight from their regular brokerage account.
Skip the hassle of opening a Coinbase account. 
Bypass any expensive fees associated with additional accounts.
There isn't even a need for a crypto wallet! 

 Folks as long as you can trade stocks in your regular brokerage account…

… That means YOU can finally get your slice of the crypto pie! 

And you couldn't be reading this at a better time! 

The special trade window just opened up! 

But it won't be open for long… 

Right now you need to act fast - the best first step would be joining my Crypto Unleased service. 

Here is a reminder at what you will receive when you sign up today: 

Crypto Unleashed Alerts: Every single month you get a new Bitcoin option play during the profit window.
Bonus Trades: Expect 2-3 bonus trades per month
The $213,000 Trade: Full access to Jeffry’s $213,000 “Bitcoin loophole” trade you can take in your regular brokerage account
24/7 Trade Room Access: Live trade room with your peers.
Crypto Unleashed Masterclass: Getting started course that covers the back tested data going back 10 years.
Rough and Ready Options: Option training series on the techniques Jeffry used to turn a $27k account into $1.4 million
Crypto Unleashed: Customer Support Hotline
Bonus #1: Half Off For The First 100 - For the first 100 in the door today, we’re slashing the price from $1,997 down to only $997
Bonus #2: TWO YEARS For One Special - When you become one of the first ever members of crypto unleashed today, you’ll get the first year free!

But hurry! 

This trade window opened today, but it also CLOSES today! 

But right now there is still time for you to get in on this month's Bitcoin Loophole! 

Secure your membership here and get ready for your very first Bitcoin Loophole trade! 

I hope you enjoy, 

Jeffry’s Crypto Unleashed Service has issued one public trade alert so far, a 40% winner in five days. This is not meant to demonstrate “typical” return. Past performance does not indicate future results.

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