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Don here...

Bitcoin smashed through the clouds and then crashed back to earth.


But if thrills and chills aren't what you're looking for, but a steady stream of reliable income...


Check out the Ultima Income Generator.


I'm giving you the proven cornerstone you need…


In this Ultima Income Generator masterclass I'm revealing all the details of 2022's most reliable income producer… Ultima Trades.

  • You can place these innovative trades in any size account, even in a small account of under $5K, or a retirement account…

  • You can be WRONG about market direction and still make money…

Better yet...

  • You never even need to buy the stock!

You can join me for this live masterclass… but you must act fast.


To make it easier, I've assembled a generous stack of bonuses that I think you'll love…


And as the cherry on top…


To make this a totally RISK-FREE proposition…


I insist on protecting you with a 90 Day "Refund for No Reason" Guarantee…


It's no questions asked…


So just email us anytime over the next 90 days… and we'll gladly return every cent to you.


That's how confident I am that Ultima Trades will be the retirement solution you've been holding out for.


So join me now and when we hit capacity we'll be forced to shut the doors.


Warm Regards,


Don Kaufman

Chief Market Strategist



P.S. Here are the answers to the most common questions we've been getting:


Q: I'm new to options I go to this class? 


A: Every journey starts with a single step.  As part of the class we have included a few homework assignments that will quickly get you up to speed. I can teach anyone options in 1 hour and that exactly what I do in your options 101 homework assignment series. This is Bonus #1 called Quick Start Beginners Guide.  Best of all when you sign up you get to keep the Beginners Guide classes no matter what.


Q: When is this class?


A: There were two classes combined into 1 course that was recorded on February 23 & 24th.  Therefore the class is available for you to watch immediately on-demand.  The sooner you get started the sooner you can start putting the Ultima Income Generator to work for you. 


Then the Income Accelerator Class was on October 19th and you have immediate access to the on-demand recording.


Q: Why is the Ultima Income Generator in two classes?


A: The first class teaches all about the Ultima Income Generator concept and strategy.  The second class drills into how to trade Ultima Trades in a small account.  


Q: I'm on the fence or have more questions who can I talk to about signing up for the class?


A: Call Allen, Ryan, or Robert at (623) 244-5657.  For the first time offering a full 90 day refund for no reason policy.  If you sign up now and change your mind 5 minutes later just email us.  I'd hope you give it a fair chance, but I don't want anything to hold you back from taking action right now.  Go here now: https://theotrade.com/skew/


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