Wall Street’s Sneaky Moves Now Clear As Day

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Hey Trader,

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about Surveillance Capitalism…

The creepy business model that turned tiny little rag-tag tech companies into trillion dollar behemoths.

They push out addictive "free technology" that turns you and I into walking, talking, singing and dancing products…

And the only price we pay is our privacy.

No matter what new laws or regulations are coming down the pike…

Don't fool yourself into thinking this model is going away.

As long as data remains valuable… Surveillance Capitalism is here to stay.

So, I've always said… if you can't beat 'em… join 'em.

Because you and I aren't the only ones volunteering data every day.

The big banks, hedge funds, and institutional trading firms on Wall Street also volunteer their data.

In fact, the Whales of Wall Street push out way more data than even a horde of small-fries like you and I.

And historically, the massive data edge they have has helped them rig the markets in their favor.

But, what if you had technology to use this data to profit off of them?

What if, just like Big Tech turns you and I into a product… you could do the same to the Big Boys on Wall Street?

It'd be like eavesdropping on Jamie Dimon's private email or text feed…

Or being a fly on the wall when major institutional funds host board meetings…

If you can get up close and personal with this data they're pushing out every day…

It can give you a massive advantage in the markets.

Well, my friend, you don't want to miss tomorrow's edition of Market Surveillance Daily…

Because I'm going show you how we can "profile" the high rollers on Wall Street…

Using a page right out of Google's playbook.

J. R. Jaén
Editor, Market Surveillance Alliance

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