Why you should fall in love with “fake news”

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"Fiery but mostly peaceful…"

"Hunter's laptop was Russian Disinfo…"

"COVID-19 came out of a wet market…"

Turn on any mainstream corporate news channel or pick up any major newspaper and these are the kinds of things you'll read and hear.

The same talking points, catchphrases, and words… parroted the same way… over and over again.

And if you dare to question it, you'll be "fact checked", throttled, or even outright censored.

The media is no longer the heralded "4th estate"...

Today, they're little more than a propaganda arm for certain special interests and political viewpoints.

But it's not just the news arms that are pushing lies and manipulations… It's also the financial press.

Yesterday, I told you how my friend JR Jaen has pioneered a new strategy to help regular folks pull consistent profits out of the markets…

By "spying" on Wall Street banks, hedge funds, and big institutional players.

The same strategy also lets him and a small group of his clients profit from something he calls "Financial Fake News".

He made this video to tell you more about it:

>> How To Make Real Money From "Fake News"

If you're feeling that pit in your stomach about the recent market freefall…

You're not going to want to miss out on this.

Steve P.
Market Expert at Insiders Exposed

P.S. Make sure you sign up to attend the interview I'm going to conduct with JR later this week.

We're going to dive deep into exactly how you can use breakthrough technology to turn Big Tech's Surveillance Capitalism business model on Wall Street's biggest players.

So you can pull life-changing money out of the markets even if they're in full meltdown mode.

If you've been feeling that gnawing sensation in your stomach…

The same one you got during the last big crash…

>> This Might Be Your Best Bet To Avoid The Bloodbath

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