You Can't Ignore These Stocks

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Zacks | Our Research. Your Success.

20+ Years of Astonishing Performance

Zacks Member,

I've selected you to take part in an opportunity only being offered to a small group of our members.

It's a chance to access our elite, most productive strategies with their up-to-the-minute stocks.

Here's why this can give your trading and investing a significant boost:

1. For starters, this remarkably simple point-and-click software gives you instant access to stocks from our completely objective market-beating strategies that since 2000 have obliterated the S&P 500's average gain of +6.2% per year:

TA & FA Winners. Average gain +43.3% per year.
Value Method 1. Average gain +43.9% per year.
Small-Cap Growth. Average gain +46.4% per year.
Filtered Zacks Rank5. Average gain +49.5% per year.
Big Money Zacks. Average gain +55.2% per year.

2. Our Top 10 stock strategies racked up an average gain of +36.1% per year. They outperformed the market nearly 6X over

3. Here's more good news: Not only can you see the latest picks from these strategies, but you can also modify them to more closely fit your personal investing style and goals. Or create entirely new strategies and backtest to see how they would have done in past markets.

No wonder the Research Wizard has been called a "license to print money."

There's no reason to hesitate. This arrangement is backed by a 100% Performance Warranty. If the Research Wizard doesn't help you beat the market, you can get your money back. Plus, you'll get unlimited coaching, tutorials and customer support if needed.

Your chance to take advantage of lifetime access at an exclusive low price is ending soon – Tuesday, July 25- midnight tonight.

All the Best,

Kevin Matras - signature
Kevin Matras, EVP

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