Biden’s mistake dooms America?

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Dear concerned citizen,

Thanks to the incompetence of President Joe Biden…

And the HUGE mistake he made on February 24, 2022…

The unthinkable has now happened…

The Doomsday Deal is broken.

I’m talking about the genius 1974 deal that transformed America into a global superpower.

Because of Biden and his cast of clowns…

It is now falling apart in front of our eyes.

And I predict…

Based on my 40+ years of global financial experience…

The US dollar will die with it.

Bringing in hyperinflation like we’ve never seen…

Crushing the value of the money in your savings and retirement accounts…

Tanking our economy…

And changing our country’s global standing forever.

Our enemies – and even our allies – are emboldened.

China, Russia, Saudi Arabia are all laughing in our face.

They’re dumping the deal.

If it all plays out like I’m predicting…

Biden’s blunder will soon cost good Americans EVERYTHING.

I’m serious.

Here’s what Monica Crowley, Trump’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury…

…said to Fox News about Biden’s growing problem…

“It would be a complete implosion of…the American economic system.”

“If you think inflation is bad right now, just wait.

“We would lose our economic dominance…

“And we would lose our superpower status.”

Friend, there’s still time to protect your money.

But you can’t wait.

>>See Biden’s terrible mistake here<<

To your future,

Jim Rickards
Economist, Former Advisor to CIA and Pentagon

P.S. How do I know so much about the Doomsday Deal? Because, 50 years ago, in a secret meeting at the White House, I helped build the blasted thing. I’ll show you everything you need to know – including how to protect your money – when you click here now.


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