Consumer Price Index - BOOM or BUST

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AUG 10 2023
Will Today's CPI Print Rock Markets?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) print just came out… Will it rock markets? Jeffy fills us in.

But don’t forget — Producer Price Index (PPI) numbers hit tomorrow. Will it be a one-two-punch?

And stick around as Jeffry scans the markets for opportunities in SPY, QQQ, IWM, and a slew of other tickers…

Click here to watch now!
Even The Best Stocks Take A Breather (a.k.a. Why I Don’t Just Buy And Hold)

If you've had your eyes on the stock market this year, you'll know it's been on quite the roll — especially considering the rollercoaster that was 2022.

But as with any good story, there's more beneath the surface. And this year, there's been a bit of a plot twist.

See, much of this year's market gains have been driven by a group of stocks that have come to be called the "Magnificent 7." These big players have been leading the bulk of this year’s rally.

But as earnings season rolled around, things started to shift. Each of these giants, from MSFT and TSLA, META even to AMZN to GOOG which initially spiked upward… NVDA hasn’t even reported yet, but it’s still been trending down. And yes, even our darling AAPL, have hit a bit of a snag.

Just a month ago people were abuzz, asking, "Do these stocks only go up?" Well, the market has spoken, and it seems they don't.

But here's the thing: that's okay. Stocks, even the great ones, don't just shoot up in a straight line. They have their moments of glory and their moments of pause. (and in many cases a pause is a healthy sign)

Now, as you know, I'm a massive Apple fan. But I'm not just here for the good times. I've been deep-diving into AAPL stock for over a decade, and I've noticed a pattern.

Apple goes through what I've come to call "profit cycles." It's like the stock's heartbeat, with its ups and downs. Right now? AAPL is just catching its breath, prepping for its next big move.

If "profit cycles" sound like some secret stock market lingo, don’t worry. I put together a video where I dive into this concept, explaining the ins and outs…

Including how I’ve been using these profit cycles to my advantage for years now.

If you're curious about these profit cycles and how I spot them, click here to check out the video.

— Micah Lamar

P.S. While the "Magnificent 7" are taking a breather, remember — it's all part of the game. Stocks rise, stocks fall, but the key is understanding the rhythm.

This pause is the perfect time to discover Apple’s profit cycles and how you could turn them to your advantage. Click here to watch the video.


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