Should You Buy Bitcoin in 2023? [Expert's Shocking Answer]

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Dear Reader,

Crypto is starting to heat up again in 2023. 

And many people are eyeing bitcoin once again.

That's no surprise considering it minted over 100,000 new millionaires in recent years…

You're likely wondering if it's still a good investment given all its recent volatility.
And according to my friend and colleague, Ian King, it's a question he's frequently asked.
You see, Ian is considered by many to be America's top crypto expert.
With top crypto trades soaring as high as 1,061% ... 1,934% ... and a staggering 18,325% — all in less than a year, it's not surprising.
So yeah… He knows a thing or two about picking winning cryptos.
And his surprising answer about bitcoin is this:
You missed out.
That's right. Bitcoin minted 100,000 millionaires and if you're not one of them, that ship has sailed.
But there's another millionaire-minting crypto at our doorstep… 
According to his research, this coin will be 20X bigger than bitcoin.
So we could see as many as 2 million new millionaires. That's right: 2,000,000.
And with crypto starting to heat up again, this could be the perfect time to get in.
Ian gives full details on the Next Gen Coin in this exclusive interview.
Sarah Williams
Associate Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing
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