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Today Only Opportunity

Zacks Member,

How hard is it to pick the right stocks and beat the market?

Maybe a ton easier than you think. IF you take our online Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course.

No need to pore over tickers all day. No need to lay wide-eyed in bed all night waiting to make your move first thing in the morning.

Since 1988, the Zacks system has beaten the S&P 500's average yearly gain +24.3% to +10.8%. That's more than DOUBLE the market.

Even when the market is bearish like 2022, selected Zacks strategies (that we'll place at your fingertips) can bring you substantial gains.

For example, while the S&P lost -18.2% in 2022, those strategies were actually in the green +15.6%, +38.9%, and +39.7%

And here's what surprises many investors.

Our online course is fun, interactive… and fast.

It can turn your trading into pure genius in as little as one day.

Or you can spread it out over several days.

Learn at your own pace… in your own time… and without attending a single class or seminar.

Even better, you can apply its secrets to your portfolio in as little as 10 minutes a week.

Finding #1 Stocks Book

Free Bonus Book for Responding by Midnight Tonight (While Supplies Last)

Get back to me today and I'll send you my hardbound 300-page book, Finding #1 Stocks, free. I'll even cover the shipping.

It discloses just about every insider Zacks tip I know, including the exact recipes for many of our most successful stock-picking strategies.

Important: We only have so many books in our inventory…

This chance to get a complimentary bonus copy of Finding #1 Stocks when you take our online course ends no later than Tuesday, August 22.

For Better Investing,

Kevin Matras - signature
Kevin Matras, EVP

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