The ABNB Housing Bubble

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AUG 28, 2023
Is ABNB Causing A Housing Bubble?

Is the heavy investment into rental properties causing a housing bubble? If AirBNB (ABNB) were to falter, will its customers be able to survive? Will a massive wave of units hit the market?

Plus, stick around as Jeffry scans the markets to spot today’s movers and losers and find today’s potential trade opportunities…

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Deciphering the Language of Market Movement (where gaps, patterns and potential profit align)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the way the market “dances”. You know, gaps and patterns that appear in the market — and the potential profits that weave through them. Once you decipher this intricate dance, it can truly reshape the way you approach trading.

Those gaps in the market — the spaces between where a ticker closes one afternoon and where it opens the next day — they hold secrets. Secrets about how the market's feeling overnight, about the collective mood that shapes the trading day. Now, connecting the dots, or rather, the lines, between these gaps, that's where the magic begins.

I've spent countless hours studying these patterns. They're like footprints left by the market's movement. And when you lay these patterns over the backdrop of those gaps, you start seeing the faint signs of a map. A map that can guide you to a successful trade.

You're probably thinking, "Jeffry, what's the point of all this?" Well, my friends, it's the profits. The grand finale. Once you get the hang of deciphering these patterns, it's like holding the key to the market's vault. You can position yourself strategically, knowing when to jump in and when to step back. It's like having a heads-up before everyone else even knows the game's begun.

And the best part? This isn't just for the seasoned pros. Whether you're a trading veteran or just dipping your toes into the market, understanding these market whispers can make your decisions sharper, your trades smarter.

If this sounds interesting to you, I'm hosting a laid-back, no-nonsense presentation this Wednesday at 3 pm Eastern.

I’ll be revealing the gap pattern that's been my trusty sidekick for over a year.

It’s seen me through 53 wins in a row, with zero losses. But it’s not magic, it’s just the patterns I’ve been talking about.

Believe me, once you grasp this, it's like holding a secret weapon.

So, make a note, because you won’t want to miss what I’ve got to share — join me this Wednesday at 3 pm Eastern. Click here to reserve your seat.

Let's navigate the market’s dance together.

Hope to see you there,

Jeffry Turnmire


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