Today we're breaking a "golden rule"

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We have a message from Dustin Weisbecker at Paradigm Press. The message that Dustin relayed to his readers is very interesting, and we wanted to share it with you.

- Ryan Fitzwater, Publisher

Today We're Breaking a "Golden Rule"


I have some urgent news to share.

And if you want to thrive financially, you need to know what's happening.

So, allow me to explain...

For nearly 20 years, our company has operated under an unbreakable policy.

And in hindsight, I believe this policy did more harm than good.

Because it somewhat "censored" our analysts. Barring them from sharing a few of their favorite investments with you.

And after decades of operating like this...

...we've finally decided, this simply can't continue.

That's why, today, our publishers are announcing a massive change.

And I think it's important that you understand the specific details behind it.

Watch this quick video from our Vice President for the full details.


Dustin Weisbecker
Paradigm Press, Customer Service Director

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