Wall Street doesn't want you to know this…

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"Discount window" exposed:

There's a little known market phenomenon where investment firms are forced to sell certain stocks at the end of the day…

Temporarily pushing the prices of those stocks lower, and lower…

Then, once the market closes for the day and the huge selling pressure ends, the stock is able to snap back to fair value.

For example, check out what happened with Apple back on March 6th...

As you can see from 12pm on… Apple's stock began dumping, lower and lower.


That would definitely freak most investors out…

But anyone who understood what was really happening behind the scenes would already know what could be coming next.

You could've gotten in just by hitting a few buttons on your cell phone… And happily walked away to enjoy the rest of the day.

24 hours later, just check out how Apple did...


Apple shot straight up… And it could have handed you an extra: $964 in Everyday Income

Watch it happen again… The very next day on Dupont.

Take a look at the chart again… Right at 12pm, the share price started dropping like a rock


Investors in this stock must have been in panic mode all day long…

But for anyone who placed a quick trade to get in before the closing bell, well…


They'd be clocking out with an extra $553 in Everyday Income.

While no strategy works all of the time and you should never invest more than you could afford to lose…

This setup happens every single day.

Click here to see how to get TODAY'S income opportunity.

See you on the flip side,


Disclosure: The profits and performance shown are not typical, we make no future earnings claims, and you may lose money. From 1/1/23 through 8/14/23 the win rate is 72.5%, based on a $2,500 starting stake the average return is $258 and the average winner is $735.

RISK DISCLAIMER There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. DTI Trader and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results.


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