AI Discovers Breakthrough New Cancer Treatment?

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AI Discovers Breakthrough New Cancer Treatment? 

Dear Reader,
Just recently, scientists in Canada were able to use AI to create a new cancer treatment in less than 30 days!

Now, cancer alone is a significant market worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually…
Just think about the implications if AI were to find a cure and take over this market.
Now take a moment to picture what might happen if AI were to cure other diseases like Alzheimer’s… heart disease… and more – as I fully expect it will…
It could be worth trillions of dollars of economic impact – and keep in mind we’re still only talking about one industry.
Multiply this impact over every industry, and you’re looking at a breakthrough worth tens, possibly even hundreds of trillions of dollars.
That’s why I’m so excited about AI and why, as one prominent world leader puts it, “whoever controls AI will become the ruler of the world.”
Because of that, any early investor who acts today – while this technology is still in its infancy – could see the chance at making a potential huge fortune over time.
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Matt Insley
Publisher, Paradigm Press
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