AI Down After Earnings Report. What’s Next.

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SEPT 07, 2023
C3.AI Earnings Reaction ?!?

C3.ai reported earnings after the close yesterday. Today the market will digest the news. Initial reaction after market close was DOWN, but will that continue into today’s session?

Plus, Jeffry scans the markets LIVE to spot today’s trade opportunities.

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Long-Term Benefits of Switching Sides: Growing Wealth One Trade at a Time

When it comes to building wealth in the stock market, many investors think of buying and holding stocks…

Or perhaps you’re more into speculative options plays…

However, there’s one strategy that almost always often gets overlooked.

Yet it holds immense potential for folks with large trading accounts — $50,000 or more — to grow their wealth.

I hesitate to tell you what it is, though.

Because right at this moment, you are seconds away from a wealth-building secret for the ages.

But when they hear what it is, most people talk themselves out it before they ever give it a chance.

So what is it?
Selling puts.

STOP! Before you run for the hills, consider this:

I've been using this strategy for decades…

And I can attest to the fact that helped me grow my biggest accounts in the most consistent way — with a greater than 94% win rate.

But there are a lot of misconceptions out there about selling puts…

So today I want to give you the facts.

Because when you shift your mindset and learn to sell puts the right way, you tap into so many benefits:

1. Consistent Income Stream:
Selling puts allows you to generate a steady stream of income. Every time you sell a put option, you receive a premium. Over time, these premiums can add up, providing a consistent and reliable source of revenue, much like dividends from stocks.

2. Potential for Stock Acquisition at a Discount:
When you sell a put, you're essentially setting a target price at which you'd be willing to buy a particular stock. If the stock never reaches that price, you keep the premium. If it does, you get to buy the stock at a discount, which can be an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

3. Reduced Downside Risk:
Compared to outright stock purchases, selling puts can offer a buffer against market downturns. The premium you receive provides a cushion, reducing your effective purchase price if the stock is put to you.

4. Flexibility in Market Conditions:
Whether the market is bullish, bearish, or neutral, there's always an opportunity to sell puts. This flexibility ensures that you can continue to generate income regardless of broader market conditions.

5. Enhance Your Overall Portfolio Returns:
Incorporating put selling into your broader investment strategy can boost overall portfolio returns. The consistent income from premiums, combined with potential stock appreciation, can lead to impressive long-term results.

6. Capital Efficiency:
Instead of keeping large sums of money idle, selling puts allows you to earn a return on your capital while waiting for the right opportunity to buy stocks at your desired price.

7. Diversification:
Selling puts on a variety of stocks across different sectors can provide diversification benefits. This reduces the impact of any single stock or sector's poor performance on your overall portfolio.

But while there are many benefits…

It's essential to approach selling puts with a clear understanding, as well as a well-defined strategy.

That’s why I’m holding a special masterclass for folks with large accounts: $50,000 or more of tradeable capital.

If this is you, I want to dispel the fear and misconceptions about selling puts…

Because those fears and misconceptions could be holding you back from one of the greatest wealth-building strategies of all time.

I want to show you why selling puts is one of just a handful of strategies I’ve used over and over for decades to grow my wealth.

I’m holding this masterclass today at 1pm Eastern.

All you need to do to join me is click here to reserve your spot.

Trade safe,

— Jack Carter

P.S. If you’ve gotten this far and you’re feeling hesitant… I understand.

But I want to urge you to stop and focus on one fact…

For the past several decades I've exclusively used this single strategy to grow my biggest accounts with a greater than 94% success rate. Reserve your spot now.


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