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How Can YOU Target Winning Stocks
With the Help of ChatGPT?

In a recent backtest, the University of Florida showed that an investment strategy using ChatGPT produced 512% gains in 2022.

Between 2014 and 2021, hedge funds proved investment strategies using AI could juice their returns by up to five times.

Now, on September 13, world-renowned hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel will reveal...

For the first time ever...

The test results from his own ChatGPT-enhanced strategy.

He says they can be summed up in one word... SHOCKING.

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Is This Company's Dividend in Danger?

John Oravec, Research Analyst, The Oxford Club

John Oravec

When people think of "safe" dividends, they tend to envision those with single-digit yields.

As we've learned here in Safety Net, however, yield isn't what determines dividend safety. A company's free cash flow, payout ratio and dividend track record are much more important.

So today we're looking at a company that has a low yield... but is it hitting the right marks when it comes to our grading system?

Introducing Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX)...


Stock Under $3: Last Value Play on Earth?

Lonely astronaut floating on Earth orbit

Last year it was more profitable than Disney, Square or even Tesla...

But it's just under $3 per share.

It could be $20 a share and STILL be a bargain.

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Baxter is a multinational healthcare company focused on treating kidney disease and other acute medical conditions. Founded in 1931, it was the first company to introduce the functioning artificial kidney. And today, the company offers a variety of products, including dialysis therapies, inhaled anesthetics and smart bed systems.

With that in mind, investors want to know whether Baxter's 2.75% dividend yield is safe.

Let's see if the financials have the right prescription for dividend safety...

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