[Expiring Soon] Follow This 1 Rule To Quickly Double Your Account

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Have You Heard About The Powerful Secret Of The Rule Of 72?

Hey Trader, 

Before we go any further I need to warn you that our exclusive training replay is coming down SOON… 

So unless you plan on getting up at 5 a.m. to watch it first thing in the morning, then you need to click over right now and view this powerful information before it goes away. 

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One of the powerful concepts I’m showing you in this training is the Rule of 72. 

If you’ve never heard of it, the Rule of 72 is a quick, easy way to determine how long an investment will take to double. 

All you have to do is divide 72 by the rate of return… 

And you’ll get a very close idea of how long it will take for your initial investment to grow 2x. 

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For example, say you have a savings account that yields 2% annual interest.

72 divided by 2 equals 36… 

Which means that it would take roughly 36 years for that account to double in size. 

(I say “roughly” because it actually takes 35 years to yield 100% return at 2% interest… 

But the Rule of 72 provides us a quick estimate that is close enough for our purposes.)

Now here’s where it gets really interesting… 

When most people use the Rule of 72, they’re thinking in terms of annual rate of return. 

But what if you applied it to a DAILY rate of return? 

I mean, if you’re a day trader, you’re in the market every day… 

Which means that if you could capture a 2% gain on just one trade every single day… 

You’d theoretically double your account every 36 days. 

Do you think you could manage a 2% profit once a day? 

If you’re not sure, I’m showing you precisely how the V-Swarm can help you do exactly that in this no-cost training… 

So click here right now to access the training and discover how to follow this powerful strategy… 

And start leveraging the Rule of 72 to quickly grow your account size!

Yours for more profitable trading, 

Anthony Speciale
Hawkeye Traders

Call us: (888) 233-8598

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